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Published on 05-02-2021

Remember that to receive your payments you must publish your proof of payment in the forum, if you do not do it the payment is pending and if you do not claim it in 30 days the payment is canceled

Changes in EnterBux
Published on 30-01-2021

Dear users.

We have updated several points of our PTC EnterBux.

- Now the minimum payment is only $ 0.10 each time you request a payment.

- For this reason we have also lowered the cost of clicks, which will also give stability to the PTC, to continue paying in the future.

We have also updated the value and characteristics of our memberships, which you can see here:

We hope these changes are beneficial to everyone.



Promotion for users who complete short links
Published on 23-01-2021

Advantages of users completing Shortlinks:

If you are constant in completing shortlinks, this means that at least 4 times a week you complete ALL the shortlinks that are on the page.

You will get the following benefits:

- Get the minimum payment for only $ 0.15 and the next withdrawals will also be lower, than for the rest of users who do not complete shortlinks.

- You reduce the payment times between one and the other by 1 day. That is, now in free membership you have to wait 8 days between one payment and another, but making this offer they would only have to wait 7 days between one payment and another.

- You have priority in payments. Payments are processed between 24 and 48 hours maximum in the free membership. If you complete the shortlinks your payment will be ready in much less than 24 hours (Estimated time (1 hour to 4 hours)

- For each payment you are credited 5000 banner ads credits

To prove that you saw all the Shortlinks, you must send a support ticket with a FULL SCREEN capture, where you can see the date and time of your device and where you can verify that you have seen all the shortlinks, for this reduce the zoom from your browser or send two screenshots each time I see the shortlinks.

If you meet all these conditions, send a support ticket BEFORE REQUESTING YOUR WITHDRAWAL, to enable your minimum payment to be $ 0.15 and for those who have previously withdrawn they can request a lower payment minimum than that indicated and also to reduce the number of days between one payment and the other

To find out how much is the minimum payment that you could choose after the first withdrawal with this offer, you must submit a support ticket.


Kiwiwall issues
Published on 16-01-2021

We have had problems with the Kiwiwall offerwall, so I strongly request that you do not make offers at the moment, in Kiwiwall, until you are notifying in the news section about this.

Remember that they also have Offerwalls: Wannads, Mediumpath, Offers4all and Bitswall, to increase your earnings.



We celebrate our first month online!
Published on 14-01-2021

Today we celebrate one month online!

We want to thank all of you who are working honestly on our project, which is also your project.

We want to invite you to participate more in EnterBux, since not only can you earn money watching ads, but you also have the walls of offers where you can get much more money and also with the shortlinks you will increase your profits.

Tomorrow the referral contest ends and we will deliver the prizes on the 16th directly to the main balance, so you can withdraw it.

Our sources of income are especially the walls of offers and the shortlinks, so we ask you to carry out these types of tasks from time to time. This way you win and we win!



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